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Fire Prevention in Commerce City, CO

Greetings Firefighter, Front Range Precast Concrete the developer of the FLXX Watertight Tank®, has developed an exciting innovation in rural fire fighting. By coupling storage with recharge we have developed a rural hydrant with a nearly endless water supply. We call it the FLXX® Fire Foe™.
The tank itself is a 2800 gallon fire protection cistern pierced with one hundred uniform tapered perforations. Build time for the entire project is only a few days so you can order, install, and have the FLXX® Fire Foe™ ready for use within a week for a very reasonable price. With the same quality of production that can be expected from any FLXX tank.
When tested with a 500 gpm nozzle the tank provided continuous flow. And when tested with the 1000 gpm nozzle the tank proved that it truly could refill faster than it could be pumped out. As you can see this product is perfect for any rural fire department looking to improve there fire fighting abilities and save valuable time transporting water in a forest fire emergency.
FLXX® Fire Foe™ - Fire Prevention in Commerce City, CO

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At Front Range we take pride in all of our products and will be happy to discuss your particular situation to determine the right tank for you.
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Fire Foe™ Backstory

Over the past seventy years at Front Range Precast Concrete we have mastered the art of the absolutely watertight concrete tank. This year however we were met with an odd request for a tank that would leak with incredible efficiency.
This tank was destined to be placed creek side in rural Eagle, Colorado and outfitted with a dry hydrant to create a rural fire hydrant with a nearly endless water source. With no municipal type water supply and only static storage in rural areas valuable time is lost transporting water in emergency fire situations.
A combination of recharge and storage make the Fire Foe™ brilliant in its simplicity.
In the aftermath of the devastating Four Mile Canyon fire this year (2010) in Boulder Colorado it seemed a timely and necessary innovation. Community members can feel comfort with the installation of a Fire Foe™ that a robust fire fighting response can be quickly mounted. We began with our 2800 gallon cistern which is 8'-5" high, 13'-10" long, and 6'-4" wide. We then cast one hundred uniform tapered perforations into the side of it to create an "engineered" leaking tank. We can pour the tank, strip it, and clear the perforations in two days time.
The tank, hydrant, and access (depending on size on specifications) cost $6,000 to $8,000 dollars, and installation is only a quarter to a third more than the price of the tank. No other material performs like precast concrete in terms of structural integrity, ease of installation, and life cycle value.
Four Mile Canyon Fire Behind the Fire Foe™ - Fire Prevention in Commerce City, CO